Regional Victoria is absolutely stunning and you'll have a blast exploring everything our region has to offer but sometimes you just want to relax, pull up a chair and watch the kids play. Rivergardens Holiday Park has all the facilities to keep the kids entertained, adult requirements, because lets face it, washing doesn't take a holiday but also the more enjoyable adult facility like a boat ramp and even a Pizza Oven!

The difference between kids having a blast on holidays and the adults being rested when they get home is huge! Lucky we've got plenty to keep the kids busy if you just need to sit back and watch them play for a while.

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Kangaroo Jumper

Kids have enjoyed jumping since the dawn of time from jumping on the ground, beds and even the odd Pogo Stick. In recent years, ju...

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Much like the Kangaroo Jumper, our playground will have the kids running, jumping and using their imaginations pretending to be pi...

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Swimming Pool

Cool off after a hard day of play in our swimming pool. Spend the day splashing about in the pool or by it, either way you're boun...

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Laundry Facilities

Unfortunately washing doesn't take a holiday! Never Fear... we have laundry facilities here! Drop a couple of loads through the ma...

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Forgot something? We have all the holiday essentials including bread, ice, milk, newspapers, Gas, Ice Cream of course and a few ot...

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If you really want to brag on how fantastic your holidays are at Rivergardens Holiday Park, we're definitely not going to stop you...

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Camp Kitchen

A bit light on space? Then, leave the kitchen sink behind, we've got plenty for you to use here. Our Camp Kitchen is fully equippe...

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BBQs and Pizza Oven

There's just something about holidays and BBQ's that go hand in hand. Throw in a Pizza Oven and it's a marriage made in heaven! ...

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We've got summer covered with the pool and river but it might be a bit cold for swimming in winter and there's nothing better than...